KB827913 - Windows XP

When you apply the Mirror / RAID feature to Windows XP (as described here by Tom's Hardware, and here),
You are not able to mirror volumes equal to or greater than 1TB, This issue is detailed under KB827913.
Unfortunately, KB827913 was not released for Windows XP.
This page detail a solution for people that encounter the issue under Windows XP:

For Windows XP SP3:
The check descibed in KB827913 is located in the driver dmio.sys (version 2600.5512.503.0) at offset 0x1D433
cmp	dword ptr [ebx],00000000h [Binary: 83 3B 00]
jl 	L0002D672                 [Binary: 0F 8C 36 02 00 00]
These instructions will check if the sector number < 0, and if so, the result STATUS_INVALID_PARAMETER (0xC000000D) will be returned to the caller.
This will cause the issue described in KB827913. ("Operation aborted due to disk I/O error." error message when adding a mirror >= 1TB)

As mentioned in KB827913, the sector number is unsigned, so this check should not occur.
We can fix the issue by replacing these 9 bytes with NOP instructions (0x90).
(In addition, you should update the PE checksum contained in the header of this file, see here)

You can find the patched file here together with the other patched files required to enable the Mirror / RAID feature.